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Pilaster Caps Santa Ana, CA When it comes to hardscaping in a landscape, a number of different types of masonry elements are used such as pavers, concrete blocks, edging, curbing and more. Many landscapes and outdoor structures have columns, pillars and walls that could be made of concrete, brick or natural stone. In some instances, the columns are made of concrete and clad with brick or natural stone veneers.

The other important feature that is required to give these columns a complete look is pilaster caps. When you are looking for good quality pilaster capping products you need to ensure that these are sourced from reputed paver suppliers like Contempo Pavers. They supply various hardscaping products to customers in and around Santa Ana, Los Angeles, Anaheim, and Orange County.

Over the years a large number of property owners from across Riverside, Costa Mesa, Long Beach, Torrance as well as Santa Monica, San Clement, San Bernardino and Temecula, have also begun purchasing pier caps from this company.

What Are Pilaster Caps?

These precast concrete caps can be used to top columns and walls. Many companies custom manufacture these pilaster caps, also called pier caps, or post caps and they can be made as per your preferences. While you can opt for machine–made pilaster caps, the handmade ones have a very distinctive and unique look and you can choose from styles such as:

  • Flat topped
  • Simple square edge peaked
  • Bull-nosed flattopped
  • Square, rounded edge

While it isn’t mandatory to add pilaster caps to the top of any columns, these finials enhance the aesthetics and curb appeal of your property. When you opt for customized features, you can choose the base color and type of aggregates you want. This means you can create the kind of styling you want on your property.

The functions and benefits of pilaster caps:

  • Pillar caps accentuate the ambience of your outdoor spaces and they are the final touch in refining the appearance of concrete walls.
  • They offer an additional layer of protection against climatic conditions and weather damage and can increase the lifespan of your columns and walls.
  • They protect stone and brick work from corrosion and add to the aesthetics of the structure.
  • These caps are versatile and can be placed on top of mailboxes, pillars, or columns, or mailboxes.
  • You can get them custom designed for you to match any design and themes. Whether it’s classic elegance, a modern feel, or a rustic appeal, these architectural elements can add dimension to your landscaping project.

Custom Designed Pilaster Caps

These features generally need to be slightly larger than the size of the column/pillar to allow an overhang. It’s also a good idea to seal the caps with a breathable concrete sealant to prevent damage from climate changes.

Creating sustainable outdoor spaces is about using weather-resistant materials that will be able to endure the elements and last for a very long time. Handmade pilaster caps are a great option for residential as well as commercial projects and you can get these products from companies such as Contempo Pavers.


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